Best Review Guide Site Redesign

Best Review Guide is about helping consumers finding the best products available, and sometimes that means reevaluating your own product to make it the best. shown in a browser window. Beside it, the same page in a smaller phone-sized window.


The initial website experience for is not up to the standard of its competitors in credibility or conversion. Assess the user funnel and address areas of friction within the experience, including ways to make the site more appealing.


Jumping into a new site using a custom back end was a challenge as not only was I dealing with code that was not always organized, but also undocumented and unfamiliar. This amounted to a bit of extra work and discussion with the backend developers to make sure everything was on track before development began.


Working with a sample of user data I looked over each page in a typical user's journey and made notes on page function, layout, and surface design in effort to pinpoint the areas of friction. After going through each page, I made a ranked list of areas that could be causing issues with users, from non-standard layout, to non-responsive or unflattering elements. From there I wireframed a new information architecture and mocked up some surface-level changes that aligned better with the desired audience. From there I made the front-end changes and worked with the backend team to make sure everything ran smoothly. This also brought with it a few more revisions which where worked through in the same way until the changes were fully approved for launch.


As timelines and priorities change the roll-out of the initial epic has been divided into smaller stories since: each bit of change being launched, tested, and refined. While ultimately ongoing this project has been a great example of iterative design and agile development.