Graphic Design
4 Mile Brewing Co.

4 Mile Brewing Experimental Series

The historic roadhouse and brewpub pushes for a radical remixed look for its latest experimental flavours, promising a stimulating experience for your eye as well as your tastebuds.


4 Mile's chief brewmaster wanted a bold look for their new line of beers. Each label had to have a unique look and a bright identity to match the beer inside.


Standing out among a wall of labels is no easy feat. When creating the look for these new beers it was important to be able o pick out 4 Mile from hundereds of other labels; bottles had to be bright and legible from a distance. Morever, designs had to translate in size among bottles and cans and reproduce well in process CMYK and spot Pantones.


Experimenting with strong new flavours like grapefruit, blackberry, and chocolate the labels had to be bold to match. Drawing on the brewmaster's desire for a distinct team-logo-like identity for each beer we formed unique logo marks for each design, pairing colour and icon to translate the beers' personality.


The result is a series of truly outstanding beers that look vibrant on a shelf but maintain a distinguished presence amongst their own company. Each bottle wares it's colours and fans can always find their favourites, or collect them all.